Magical Manifestation or the ability to create your Heart’s Desires very rapidly and dramatically.

Imagine for a moment how incredible it would be if you could Magically Manifest anything your heart desires in just a few weeks, days or perhaps even moments, imagine what it would feel like to experience your life so synchronistic that every thing you could ever want or need coming to you before you even realize that you have need or desire of it...

Imagine that you have the ability to Magically Manifest the car of your dreams and moments after this imagining someone drives up to your front door in the very car, with the exact body color, interior and wheels you desire. Walks up to you and hands you the keys, politely stating that “the papers are in the glove” and walks off and is promptly whisked off by a dealer courtesy van...

Imagine that you have the ability to Magically Manifest the relationship of your dreams and a few days hence you wander into the local “hippie” cafe to enjoy some of your favorite organic java. You walk up to the counter to fill your stainless, insulated mug with the best Guatemalan you’ve ever had with plenty of room for half & half, smile at the cool, heavily pierced and tattooed server, handing them money and tip. You turn to “doctor” your “joe” at the nearby accoutrement counter and wind up looking into the eyes of the perfect partner for you...

Imagine that you have the ability to Magically Manifest and all that stands in the way of that amazing potential is your own belief systems. Not really in a bad way, just an unaware sort of way.

Now we do not employ Harry Potter or Professor Dumbledore here, it’s not that kind of magic and in fact it’s far more incredible and magical then that but in a scientific sort of way in so much that some very important laws of physics and Quantum physics apply. For example one of the most important laws of physics here basically says “Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction”. Of course you all can relate this to a gun that both shoots a projectile and has a kick to it called recoil. You also may relate to this as part of the laws of inertia but did you know that this law also very much applies in Quantum physics with far reaching, sometimes exponential results crossing not only time/space but other dimensions as well. Did you also know that the energetic physics around how we relate to one another and to our environment are encompassed very much in Action/Reaction law?

Some of you may feel dismayed to some degree when you discover here that the Force you are putting into things is EXACTLY the level of Force that is opposing you at every turn, some of you may even be shocked to perhaps see that the opposition you feel in nearly every area of your life is essentially your own energy. Like a “Super Ball” thrown against a wall, comes back at basically the same force as it was thrown... That is basically what you’ve been experiencing.

It’s perhaps annoyingly simple to suggest to you to use No Force in anything you do but if I were you I would definitely be asking “well, what on earth does that look like and how do we do that day to day?”

The answer is contained within this site along with all the support you could want to begin to be the conscious creator you truly and already are! In fact the path leading to an amazing level of conscious creatorship is very clear and remarkably easy to get on and stay on. About all that's required is openness and desire. So we are going to give you everything you need to know, on this site, completely for free, that’s right, everything you need to know to successfully do this completely on your own! Where we come in and how we support ourselves and serve you is simple, we assist you with direct e-mail counseling to assist you as much as you feel you need from several times per day, every day to once per week or month... It’s on an as needed basis, when you need it for the most part with an easy, simple payment plan which you can read more about HERE.

We basically provide daily e-mail based support for you in participating in this process or at least as often as you are willing to write with turnarounds as fast as immediately to within 24hrs. To clarify, most of our clients typically write to us about what they are going through and we respond with clear, feeling consults that assist you in the transformation of belief required to make the transition you are after.

Along this path there are so many other benefits that await you, that the more you progress the greater your satisfaction will be to the point of feeling the process to be really effective. Many of of our clients have said things like “I just had no idea how profound and impactive this experience would be for me and on my life as whole, I have been amazed how fast I went from poverty to prosperity, from living in a dump to having my own home, so much more...” HH Bend, OR


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